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Old Irish banknotes can support Irish culture in Atlanta

Do you have any old Irish banknotes sitting in a drawer? Remember those, the ones you brought home from a vacation back in the days before the euro?

Did you promise yourself that you would use them next time you went to Ireland? They're still in the drawer, aren't they?

Through an arrangement with Euro Coin Exchange, an Atlanta-based buyer of foreign coins and banknotes, you can put them to work supporting Irish culture here in Atlanta! Euro Coin Exchange will buy your old Irish banknotes and donate the purchase price (plus an extra 5%) in your name directly to the IAF.

To take advantage of this offer, go to the Euro Coin Exchange web site and download a transmittal form (packing list). Enter the Promo Code "IRISH" on your packing list, mail your old banknotes to Euro Coin Exchange, and they will donate the proceeds from your banknotes, plus an extra 5%, to the IAF in your name. You will receive a written acknowledgment of your donation from IAF.

In addition to old Irish banknotes, you can contribute other foreign coins and banknotes to the Irish Arts Foundation. Consult the Euro Coin Exchange site for details regarding the coins and banknotes they accept. Please note: the 5% bonus only applies to banknotes (regardless of country of origin). Euro Coin Exchange does not buy old (pre-euro) Irish coins.